One of the things I enjoy the most about creating identities is the development of a brand through time; how it evolves, expands and how it responds to people year after year. During my stay at Delta State's Marketing Department I created several pieces and a couple of identities; "Winning the Race" was one of them. The brief was to create a logo for a conference that would promote creating conversation about race and diversity in the south. Racial diversity is a tough topic to illustrate. We wanted to have an abstract approach to the concept to avoid pre-controversy and judgement. This is why we decided to use several colors to represent diversity, instead of a monochromatic palette. We created an intersecting point to represent dialogue and coming together to talk about differences, and tried to incorporate a simple "W" from Winning.  I worked on the very first version on March of 2014, and I was delight to know they were still using this branding.  Modifications were done through time, but the essence stayed and got implemented with different pieces. Here is some imagery of its evolution. Collaboration: Laura Walker (Art direction & development of the brand) April Mondy (website application), and Rory Doyle (photography).