Peruvian terrorism affected my country in an impactful way. Between the years 1980 & 2000, several thousands of Peruvian families lost their loved ones. Most of them haven't been able to be buried, because Peruvian legislation did not facilitate the identification and the proper search of the approximately 15 thousand missing victims. A year ago, the Red Cross of America branch in Peru, asked me to help them create a brand for their campaign and give the cause a "graphic identity." A name, a logo, and marketing materials were needed. The families of the victims did not want a message of solidarity, they wanted a message of hope, and the campaign had to become public and well known for the authorities to notice this was a real issue. We came up with #Reúne which means "Reunited" the use of a hashtag represented the need of social sharing. We needed people to spread the word fast so authorities could approve the law. And the word "Reunited" referred to families reconnecting with their loved ones, but also to Peruvians supporting each other to help the cause. I am happy to say that #Reúne has currently more than 38,000 followers on social media; and on May of 2016, after 10 months of sharing, the Peruvian Congress approved a law that will enforce the search of the missing victims caused by the terrorism between the years of 1980 and 2000.