A year ago (if not more) I met Andrea Cáceda, the owner of Festinare Events. She went to high school with me. After her wedding was such a huge success, she decided to start a business as a wedding/event planner. I met her while I was planning my own wedding, and felt in love with her brand. I could see the passion behind her work, and how different her approach was to creating amazing and unforgettable events. I did not just decide to hire her, but to trade work. I wanted to be part of Festinare and help reach its potencial. So little by little I started helping her with projects and corporate collateral... soon enough we were rebranding and revamping Festinare. I am beyond excited to be part of the process and incredibly happy with the results. Celebrating events just got sweeter!  


REFERENCE: Floral illustration & banner: ©Mia Charro | Campfire Mug: ©Allyson Johnson | Facebook Cover images: © Miguel Aguirre Giol Wedding Photography  & ©Blackbelt Photo | Facebook Post: ©Esteban Nakano Fotografía