- Inspiration Ahead -

Hello there! Im super excited to get a fresh start. I just moved to Okla City and so far, I am loving it. Got an awesome job that allows me to be creative and that is just the start. As a lover of design I am always looking for people who inspire me. Sometimes is just images, or colors. So I have decided to share that with you. This particular one is an inspiration of business cards. I looove business cards, there is so much to do with them. The sky is the limit! These set has different type of ilustrations, and foil on top of them. Super classy, yet trendy. I really enjoy florals, even more when they look rustic and victorian.. :)  The agency in charged of these lovely stationary set is Foundry Co. A company based on Texas. Check their work! http://foundryco.com/work/emporium-pies

Hope you enjoy your Labor weekend!