My wedding stationary

This post is long overdue, SO much has happened, and it has been a pain to keep track of everything. Yet, finally here it’s here.

My weddings (yes plural… because we had a small ceremony in New Orleans & a big religious wedding in Perú) were a design challenge for me. I tried looking at them like any other job, but deep inside I knew it wasn’t. The pressure was on, and I wanted to the best job I could; so I gathered a LOT of inspiration. I nailed down the art direction to having a wedding with lots of greenery and kind of a dark/edgy mood. I was super inspired by my engagement photoshoot at the Myriad Botanical Gardens in Oklahoma City. Our friend Brittney Sidwell did a fantastic job, so I decided to bring a little bit of that feel to both ceremonies. For the civil wedding, I DIY’d our invites. Printed a nice greenery image that I glued to the back and used transparent envelopes with gold wax seals that I bought at Hobby Lobby. There were only a few invites to craft so it wasn’t a big deal. I enjoyed doing them with Evan. (Even though he didn’t too much.) The Save the Dates & the wedding invites for the Perú ceremony I printed with Navitor, an amazing wholesale online printer; I totally recommend doing business with them if you have a lot of printing needs. They are very affordable and their quality is amazing. I knew that for that invite I wanted to have something more artistic and painterly so I found these greenery pack leaves by Graphic Box in Creative Market and created a few composition for my set. I thought they turned out fantastic. I used black envelopes with a foil trim I ordered on Amazon; and man… they were the bomb! Super luxurious and elegant. (Find here) I also did some calligraphy for the save the dates & envelope addressing just to add a touch of personality. I was very happy with how these turned out; and of course the wedding itself was a huge success. After my own wedding, I now have a better understanding of how important these pieces are for brides, and it really helped my perspective on wedding stationary. I hope I get to do a lot more of these in the near future.