Good design is...


Today, like any other Sunday, I woke up and made myself a cup of coffee. While I was waiting for it, I checked Instagram for some daily inspiration and came across a post by Typetopia that said: Good design is: ________. Almost instantly I said to myself, "Caring." Design is caring. But why? Because the why motivates the what. (Thank you Simon Sinek)

Our limbic brain, which is the part of our brain that controls our feelings, is also responsible for our behavior and decision making. Which explains why sometimes we act from our gut, or we make decisions based on love. If we want a person to change the way they behave, we have to talk to their limbic brain. We have to create a feeling, not a message. We have to share the why, not just the what. It's simple to understand, but a little harder to execute. A person that cares acts based on a stronger motive than a person that only understands their job or knows what to do. We should strive for why we do what we do. Not only what. This is the main ingredient for good design.

Once we are connected to the "deeper" meaning of what we do, the differences are stunning. We start acting from loyalty, we work overtime because we want to do a better job and not because we have to make up time. We look for solutions, and we don't just do what we are told. We are passionate and critical, not just obedient and efficient. In the long run, we care. 



The real question here though is "How can I make myself or others care?" The answer is... We can't. It's like asking someone how can I make you love me. We can't... It is a hit or miss thing. It's specific to each person. You have to be in touch with what makes you happy. Only then you will know how to act with care. I am moved by the simple act of creation. Seeing something that I made from nothing makes me feel empowered and valuable. It allows me to have control of a tiny little world and how it works. For some reason, this brings me joy. Like William Blake, "my business is to create."

So I encourage you to find what motivates you in life and start caring. Because once you do, you will stop working, and you will get paid for doing what you love. 


If you are interested in knowing more about the golden circle and Simon Sinek, you can watch his TED talk here: