Identity Design - Yessi Makeup

Branding is one of the processes that I enjoy working on the most. Getting in touch with the essence of a company or persona and finding ways to highlight their added value, in a thoughtful yet harmonic manner, creates an exciting challenge to me. This is why today, I want to share with you one of my most recent identity jobs. 

Yessi is a super talented makeup artist. She works mostly at events such as weddings, but also offers a wide range of skin services that include waxing, facials and of course makeup. Mostly makeup. She came to me in need of a logo update, and after analyzing her branding, I recommended to redefine her style and apply these findings to her graphics. So we did. We started by identifying her target audience and Yessi's style and highlighting common ground. Once that was settled; I presented to her two options of look and feel for her brand. One more romantic and sophisticated; and another more edgy, modern and a tad bolder. She picker bolder :) 

After going with opt 2, I presented 2 versions based on script logotypes, and one based on a serif; she picked the first one but asked for a more bouncy script. After a couple back and forwards, she approved the one on the right. YAY!