Peruvian Cuisine in OKC

Today I was craving Peruvian food. It's Easter and I miss home so why not. I decided to try a new place and visited La Brasa in Classen. As soon as I got there I realized I might not be as well dressed as I thought... This place was nothing like I had in mind. It was luxurious looking, but at the same time very homey and eclectic. Mix matched furniture, graffiti murals and incredible looking lunges. So I decided to go to the bar, nothing too fancy... right? Well... wrong. The bartender was super nice and he rocked an awesome mustache. He made me the best Pisco Sour, smooth and creamy. We talked a bit about the place, soon enough my food arrives, and I almost fell out of my chair. The presentation was exquisite. I ordered Lomo Saltado, which back in Peru is a popular traditional dish, that typically combines marinated strips of sirloin with onions, tomatoes, french fries, and more, typically served with rice; well this was like a better version of it. The sirloin was juicy and marinated to perfection, which created an amazing contrast to the crispy thin potatoes on top. He even added sweet potato which was a nice touch of sweet and salt. Every detail was well thought and tasteful. I cannot find a better way to describe my experience at this place, but definitely the best choice I could have being Easter and feeling homesick. If you have not tried this place yet, you must. I know I will be back pretty soon.