Pattern Love

After a few months of pattern proofing at work, I can't help notice how much I like surface design. There is so much involved with making sure a pattern is successful that I have come to appreciate so much more this kind of work. Balance, color, contrast, concept, position, so much to take into account... I think is a skill worth practicing and mastering. From clothing to products, patterns have grown to be everywhere, and a designer who doesn't understand what makes a pattern successful will be for sure out of advantage in the market. I want to share with you some colorful and interesting inspiration, hoping it will bright up your day! :) 

Image Source: Rug Pattern from Cort Furniture Rental  | Caitlin McGauleyLiza Quiñones | Laine Fraser | Anika Starmer | Barbra Ignatiev | Lylove Studio | Linocut | Minakani | Swimsuit Pattern by NordstromMatthew WilliamsonAshley Goldberg