Working for Family & Friends

Certain people, like me, are lucky enough to work doing what they love. Sometimes we are even luckier, and we get a chance to show the people we love how much we do with our work. Doing work for family and friends can we challenging, but definitely worth it. They will get a glance of what you do for living in a different perspective, and if the job turns out to be a success, well then they will recommend you to their friends for life. Remember your work speaks for yourself, so no matter who is the client, if it is a paid job or charity work, DO YOUR BEST. Happy clients are one of the most important steps in building a good network, your clients will expect you to do your best, and making them happy will increase the chances of landing more jobs at your door. Here is an article by Nathan Powell about things you shouldn't do while working with friends and family. It will help you have some clarity about what is right or wrong, and why you just shouldn't do it. Spoiler alert! My favorite part...

"Saying no is a right given to every freelancer. You don't have to earn it, it's yours. Use that right, exercise it and enjoy the thrill of feeling in control of your own life." 

Happy Reading!

Wedding Invites Calligraphy for my dear friends Kelcie & Bear.

Photography Logo for my uncle Jose Luis.

Photography Logo for my uncle Jose Luis.

50 Year Ceremony Invite for my High School Alma Mater.