There are several reasons why I enjoy designing so much; one of the strongest has to do with the pleasure of creating something and seeing how it develops all the way to something tangible. Being able to create something out of nothing is so powerful and most definitely gratifying. Working at Hobby Lobby I have been able to see several projects go from a simple pattern to several in-store products, and that makes me so so happy. Most of the time, I don't get to be part of the whole process; but even then, you get to feel like somehow that product wouldn't exist or look the same way if you hadn't done your part. :) Can't wait for this next Fall & Christmas!...LOTS of new projects will be there soon!! So far... Everyday paper plates/napkins and Valentine's products are in stores; I didn't work on any, but some of the patterns I did were used for sweet products! :) Here are some examples! Enjoy! (Thank you Sharry Mouss! Those foil plates & napkins look amazing!)

IMG_3673 copy.JPG