-Orange you Pretty in Pink-

Since Valentine's day is coming soon, I can't help to notice the "red fever." Everything is red, the color of love. GREAT! I hate red. I only like it in lipstick, and even then I have to tone it down. I was never a girly kiddo growing up... I was more of a tomboy. So so "not girly" I used to own a John Lennon shirt when I was three. I didn't wear bows, cute pink dresses or charol shoes. Today is a different story. I work for Hobby Lobby, I love pink and I own bright colors clothing. I cannot pin point when I changed so much, I think during college, but oh well, we all do don't we? At least a little? With my new and expanded color palette I have come to realize there are 2 colors I keep paring, that bring me joy. Orange & Pink. Even though red is fairly similar to these two hues, for some reason they make me feel so much happier. So, since it is February and I have true love for these two, I thought it was appropriate to make a post and share some inspiration on how they have become a great pair. You can see these combo in pretty much everything...weddings, flowers, fashion, shoes, beauty, home decor, and even HAIR! I am not sure I am brave enough to go as far as hair, but I shouldn't say never :). Enjoy!  

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