Happy New Year! - CLEANSE CLEANSE!


Another year gone and here we come with a bright & wonderful fresh start! :) I had a great holiday back home (PERU) and I couldn't be more grateful for it! Amazing way to finish this awesome year. For those who don't know me as well, I am a list person. I do lists for everything, specially at the end of each year. This past few days I went through my Instagram and looked back at all the things that were relevant to me this past year. It feels great to glance back. Make sure every time you do, you pad yourself on the back and feel proud of your accomplishments; do not focus on all the thing that you didn't achieved. (and if you do, use them as constructive criticism). I always like comparing my resolutions and my end of the year reflections; it helps me see the balance of my year in a more objective way. I think writing them down in a list form is also nice, because then you appreciate more all the work you did! This is mine!

Feeling pretty happy with this past year! I really cannot complain.. Traveled quite a bit..Improved my cooking skills by a lot.. lost a ton of weight, gain a ton of weight.. learned how to drive...bought a car...finished refurnishing my apartment...adopted a gorgeous kitty... did crossfit, spinning, yoga, and HIIT90. Met awesome friends, witnessed my best friend graduation, got a working visa, applied for a master program and got accepted, tanned during summer and survived my first tornado season. I think it was a pretty successful year. Can’t wait for next one.

Analyzing helps you cleanse and allows you to have an even fresher start, but before you do that...CELEBRATE! Give yourself some rest...before you start thinking about next year. Time really depends on you.. it could be five days, ten, fifteen, I wouldn't let January pass for sure :) Pick a Sunday and set your goals. I prefer starting mine on Mondays, it has always made sense to me, but you don't have to. Write them down, and make plans to execute them. For example..if you are planning to loose weight, pick the days you will exercise, or download diets. Do something! Do not expect those goals to come by itself. 

Hope this post can motivate you to get a fresh start! Do not let another year go by without analyzing it, if you do, years will go by without you noticing them! HAPPY CLEANSE! :)