Grandma is turning 80!!

This year grandma is turning 80! and I have been busy designing the identity for her event. I was inspired by some of her old portraits which reminded me a bit of Coco Chanel. I really enjoy the timeless and classy personality of the brand, so I decided to use a wide tracking sans for her name. Here are some of the imagery we used in her inspiration mood board. The event is schedule for November, and I cant wait to share all the details with you!

Peruvian Cuisine in OKC

Today I was craving Peruvian food. It's Easter and I miss home so why not. I decided to try a new place and visited La Brasa in Classen. As soon as I got there I realized I might not be as well dressed as I thought... This place was nothing like I had in mind. It was luxurious looking, but at the same time very homey and eclectic. Mix matched furniture, graffiti murals and incredible looking lunges. So I decided to go to the bar, nothing too fancy... right? Well... wrong. The bartender was super nice and he rocked an awesome mustache. He made me the best Pisco Sour, smooth and creamy. We talked a bit about the place, soon enough my food arrives, and I almost fell out of my chair. The presentation was exquisite. I ordered Lomo Saltado, which back in Peru is a popular traditional dish, that typically combines marinated strips of sirloin with onions, tomatoes, french fries, and more, typically served with rice; well this was like a better version of it. The sirloin was juicy and marinated to perfection, which created an amazing contrast to the crispy thin potatoes on top. He even added sweet potato which was a nice touch of sweet and salt. Every detail was well thought and tasteful. I cannot find a better way to describe my experience at this place, but definitely the best choice I could have being Easter and feeling homesick. If you have not tried this place yet, you must. I know I will be back pretty soon.

The Art of Design - The Drive of Making

Last month Netflix launched their new original documentary series called Abstract. Since its launch, I have been hooked by the great minds featured in each episode. Getting a glimpse of Paula Scher, Platon or Ilse Crawford design process, and the way they see the world has been truly inspiring and eye opening. Understanding why we work in this industry is probably one of the most relevant questions a designer could ask themselves. The drive of making, caused by curiosity or the goal of wellbeing makes design one of the greatest tools of human enhancement. Like Crawford said, we discover the world through our senses, and we designers are in charge of creating surroundings from nothing into something. We communicate, and we own the power to influence and create impact in others. Our careers are no joke. This is why I encourage you to take the time to watch these episodes. They might spark some important questions and push that drive to greater goods. 

à toi pour toujours

Valentine's Day, the official day of love. For some, it's the day you can be romantic without judgement; for others, it's a constant and painful reminder that you are lonely, and that only candy is there to cheer you up. Of course, let's not forget the business man approach: "How can I sell more and use Valentine's as an excuse?" People have been celebrating it for eeeever, and they get more and more creative about it...Sometimes "too creative." I have never really been fond of this holiday; I'm not cheesy romantic, nor lonely... (my NOT imaginary boyfriend is 700 miles away from me) and I have nothing to sell to you. This is why I've decided to do what I love, and make a quirky little post to share with you a tiny piece of advice I've learned recently.  

Love is one if the hardest feelings to describe. Almost every author has tried, but unless you have felt it, it won't mean a thing to you. There are many kinds of love: family love, teenage love, the love you feel for your pets, hobby love, and of course romantic love; but the one that you should work on all the time is self-love. After being in relationships for almost 8 years, I have learned a few things, but the one I keep having to remind myself is: No one will love you as much as you should love yourself, that's the relationship you need to work on. Own who you are, love that belly, or that messy hair you have, or that weird sense of fashion. Constantly remind yourself how awesome you can be. Set yourself goals, and go for them; because happiness and love hold hands. You can't pour from an empty cup. Stay away from people that make you feel like you are hard to love. Ignore them, move on. Dress up for yourself, and eat that delicious food. You will find out that when you are too focused on loving yourself, someone will notice and they will fall in love as well; and it will be perfect, because they will fall for who you truly are. So, if you aren't too busy finding that perfect gift, watching that cheesy movie that makes you cry every time, or getting ready for that big sale; take a moment to love yourself, because after all, you are "à toi pour toujours" (yours forever.)