Creating a brand, or rediscovering an identity is one of the processes that I enjoy the most. Getting in touch with the essence of a company or persona, and finding ways to highlight what they have to offer; in a thoughtful yet harmonic manner; creates a  challenge that is more than exciting to me. I believe in simple and impactful brands that have a strategic approach to target audiences. The "why" is highly important to me as designer, and I try to share the importance of it with clients in order to create not just beautiful, but meaningful graphics. 


After working for Hobby Lobby Corporate for almost three years, I have gone through extensive training and been exposed to different kinds of design. Mainly fun and bright, but also traditional and solemn, these packaging and product projects have given me the confidence to tackle any template or label you throw my way. I have experience in specialty printing, product development, and pattern design.   


Multipage projects can be a threat to designers. Dealing with large quantities of fine print is (let's be honest) not that much fun. Luckily, my curiosity for editorial design and the compulsive need I have to create hierarchy in layouts makes my job a lot easier. I have a wide range of projects that include: ads, online journals, recruiting material, and event invites.